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A few days ago, I was told something that was so insulting, so unbelievably insensitive -- that my ego literally popped. The insult was vile on it's own, but the idea that a person would say something so potentially damaging to another was beyond me. Somehow, I immediately knew that it wasn't...
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continued from the previous post.... The young George Rapp rebelled against the oppressive state religion of Germany only to  himself become an oppressor. Ensconced in Economy in the late 1820s, his granddaughter and son ignored him and his authority began to fade. But Rapp mounted the pulpit...
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Another allegation about sexual abuse by  Catholic priests in Germany. The story surfaces Germany,Holland, Ireland and Austria. Europe appears to be in the spell when it comes to children being sexually abused by priests. I am absolutely angry that those priests don't care about the children's...