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Press  Profiles and Appearances:- Poetry foundation Ghana/Directory of poets[Ghana],Lets Talk African[Zimbabwe], Badilisha poetry Exchange[South Africa],Image Nations[Ghana],Zimbo-jam[Zimbabwe] ,Culture51[Zimbabwe],Zimbabwean[ Zimbabwe/UK],Stephen  Gill.ca[Canada],GirlchildCreativity Blog...
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The Red Room sent out a call for blogs on typos. It dredged up an embarrassing memory I've been trying to suppress.  Gee, thanks, guys! There was a time in my life when I did an inordinate amount of celebrity profiles. I rather enjoyed being a bridge between actors and their fans, although I also...
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Yes, The Red Room is at it again - asking us to blog on a specific topic, a challenging topic. I think my passion is pretty obvious: speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. It has manifested itself in my books, articles, lectures, etc. on making life better for dogs and cats and...
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I'm playing with some book proposals. Okay, I've really been working in earnest but "playing" seems like a better term for things that may never see the light of day. I'm not sure if this is just the usual insecurity between books or if it's the market.  One of the books, I might add, has...