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Christmas Past By Bernadette A. Moyer Our Christmas past, we all have them, the childhood ones and the young adult ones and then the adult Christmas past too. Some Christmas holidays stand out more than others. I will never forget the year I lived at my grandparent’s hotel when I was just seven...
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In the First Phase of Christmas, my partner said to me, “Next year, let’s get a real tree.” The Christmas season’s Fourth Phase is winding down for most, the Second Phase almost over except for the procrastinators.  The First Phase is about to being again and the Fifth Phase is finally almost...
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Sheldon Adelson lost at least $54 million betting Mitt Romney would win the 2012 presidential post.  Over a billion dollar's-worth of similar bets were placed.  I'm pleased over it, but not because I take joy in other people's misfortune. What I'm feeling is a profound sense that justice...
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As I get closer and closer to my 50 lb loss, I can’t help but fantasize about celebrating with a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese.  But, I also know that rewarding myself with food (especially THAT kind of food) will only take away from my victory and not add to the experience.  Plus, I’...
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I'm sitting on my unfinished back porch, the green fields surround me.  The birds serenade me with their evening song. The river rushes in the distance...my background music. Spring has finally arrived in my world. She was slow in coming, but the tulips and daffodils tell me she's truly come to...