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I like listening to self-help audio books.  They make great company while I'm driving. I listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer a lot. His tone of voice keeps me calm while battling traffic. I gain many insights and find them applicable in my everyday life. I have the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary on CD...
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Today, I finished putting the last of my CD's into the machine.    Preparations for Son Guy's trip with his old friends continued.    I felt quite sleepy after my tasks.  I welcomed Son Jason's visit in midafternoon, and his return in the early evening.  He was pleased...
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Son Guy's computer helper stayed overnight, but was gone before I woke.    Guy is highly excited about his laptop.  He is beginning to get a small hang of it.   Son Jason made several visits.    I spent the day finishing putting my CD's in the machine, in between...