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    Last night our president was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Both men were adorable funny and poignant. No massive hardballs were thrown on this news show... Because lets just put it this way: It's a faux comedy news show everyone really thinks is a real news show that is...
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Mike Wallace, the initial hire during the creation of 60 Minutes, has died. A winner of 21 Emmys (among his many accolades) during his long journalistic career, he is an iconic figure in the history of television journalism. Wallace spent six decades investigating top stories from around the...
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Norman Corwin, who recently died, was a giant during Radio’s Golden Age. His contributions spanned seventy years, and he worked with many of the greats of news and Hollywood. Corwin joined CBS in 1938 at the height of the radio network’s glory, and he worked with such pioneers as Edward R....
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Why is Andy Rooney the oldest weekly television pundit at 92? Did he forget to negotiate a retirement clause in his contract? This fact will change on Sunday when he delivers his last broadcast on 60 Minutes according to CBS News officials. Rooney has been offering his unique brand...
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Dan Rather - The "Poster Boy" for the cover of the scheduled release of "Media Bias For Dummies"! ... it's not happening, just kidding. Image Credit: liberalities.com Pssst, Bush Volunteered For Viet Nam Theater Duty, Really! An outside panel CBS brought into to get to the...
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The  senator from Arizona, and 2008 presidential candidate, appeared on the morning talk shows today to denounce President Obama's plans to go ahead and investigate those who attempted to legitimize torture. In a two minute segment, on CBS News, Mr. McCain spoke of any possible proceedings against...