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With May here and summer fast-approaching, I’m sure your calendar is filled with tons of important dates.  Graduations, family reunions, and Mother’s Day are just a few of the popular May celebrations. One of my favorite ways to entertain for these special occasions is to prepare a wonderful,...
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Here is a picture of the cod casserole
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Sunday is a strange old day, isn't it. I mean you wake up and think thank god I'm awake and then it dawns on you that it's Sunday and well, it as in the day and you, seem empty and at odds with the world. Maybe I am blaming my own feelings on Sunday but it is a kind of stop day, the end of the week...
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Hubby made dinner tonight. I bought a free range chicken for thirteen euro, if you want organic you can double the price straight away. I had the butcher cut it up into numerous pieces for the casserole he planned on making. I left him in the kitchen as I took the dogs along with my oldest son,...
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Okay. I own up.  It's not easy. Life is difficult. Right this minute I feel as if I just got off of a conveyor belt or worse I've been dropped into some strange alien planet with no sense or comprehension of what or where I'm supposed to do or go. I am LOST. I am a directionless, fool of a woman,...