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Like riding a bicycle, turning cartwheels is a permanent skill. Can always be perfected, can't be un-learned. Here's the learning process (below,  with my sister Mimi), in my Ashland, Virginia back yard, circa 1944. Some 50 years later, thinking it seemed an interesting thing to do, I called...
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  Digging Deep-Gardening with Cynthia Brian   The Lawn Ranger ©2011 Cynthia Brian    “A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule!” Michael Pollan   Lawns. People love them or hate them.  There seems not to be an in-between.    I err on the side of adoration....
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When in China, you must see the Great Wall.  There is 4,000 miles of wall to explore, so it’s not something you only do once, although I met quite a few Beijing locals that had never been to the Wall themselves.  The history of the wall is mind boggling and even though it failed its original...