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  Why do the charmed play hide and seek and flee the story in the wings, as if disporting on the stage could set alight the curtain fringe?   Illusion's limelight's highly prized and channelled sentiment extolled If structured context cramps the style, another's script makes players...
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                  A further excerpt from my Marion Grace novel THE GODMOTHER, as yet unrevised and unedited.   It had been so liberating in Venice, so civilised. The visit had coinicided with the Carnevale. Piet's sister, Marty, a clothes designer...
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In an earlier post, I promised you Venice. La Serenissima. It has been and is still a place of endless fascination and inspiration to painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers--the entire spectrum of creative arts in fact. I love its smallness, the way that getting lost in its twisting, shifting...