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I spent the months of December, January and part of February offline and out of my office recovering from extensive surgery. Truth be told, it was life-saving, life-changing surgery. And that made it non-negotiable. For women like me, non-negotiable is often the only way self-care gets done. We...
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Happy New Year to everyone at Redroom, from me and my partner at GlobalNiche! Here's the newsletter that just went out -- which includes a special offer to join our on-demand channel at Udemy for social development of your career. Why would writers care to use social to develop your career? The...
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OK, this is kinda fun. They won't fit every writer but writers will recognize the truth in some of them. One aspect of note about the list is that the same type of situation can be the best and the worst. Like having one (or none) showing for a reading, OR having one of those 'talk-to-you-for-...
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Through the interminable slog of a job search, you can learn a lot about your character, both personal and eternal.  It takes tons of guts and sometimes a lot of prayer to make it through a job hunt. After a while, very little makes sense in the process. You can bust your humper sending out...
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Not getting hired, promoted, asked to speak, invited to participate? Not getting read, funded, selected, noticed? You’re not being recognized. Here’s how you can change that. Overcome professional obscurity with digital literacy. Build your online presence with intention. Marry who you...
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  Philip Roth discussed his decision to stop writing fiction: “I knew I wasn’t going to get another good idea, or if I did, I’d have to slave over it.” C'mon! You don't slave over your writing? Really? image via NY Times Everyone who believes this, please cluck like a turkey. Visit Bob's web...
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I hope I can say as much (see link) about myself at some future time. But will Roth quit writing? I'm betting he won't. I don't think I would unless physically or mentally incapacitated. Philip Roth Salon Visit Bob's web site here, and his FB Fan Page here.
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  You add up. You make sense.See yourself as the complete package that you are.You're a GOLD MINE of opportunity. Tap into it today.     How? Uncover the real value you've already created Put your mountain of natural resources to work for you Link what you've done in the...
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How GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life: a slideshow
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Sexist jokes are vile and unacceptable. However, I object to a study that uses this yardstick to understand whether women fit in under these circumstances. A Melbourne Business School report found that companies lack strategy to tackle "low level sexism" despite having policies in place that...