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As a security and safety expert, I often lecture about all the facets of a kidnapping. There are three basic stages or phases of the kidnapping experience. The Lure Kidnappers premeditate and precalculate every move. Months of planning could go into an abduction that takes only seconds. The...
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  September 1   ORIGAMI     I fold my reality like origami, each day a shape to suit my whim.  A dog when I feel like begging.  A horse when I want to trot away.  A pot to brew up some potion.  A penguin when I feel cold and I stand on my egg all day.  I...
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I confess that, before this summer, I had never read the Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk despite having bought his Snow when the English translation was published in 2004. The novel sat on my shelf, unopened, not because I dreaded reading it but because I had moved on to other books. When I...
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With the news that this week Sara Gruen will be publishing a new novel titled Ape House about signing apes (in this case, bonobos) and a female primatologist, I found myself in a bittersweet position. While I applaud any effort to bring to light the exploitation of our closest relatives, I couldn’t...
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Today is my birthday.  I've celebrated the anniversary of my birth so many times that I often forget how old I am or what day of the week July 26 falls on.  But since I love to celebrate any occasion, I'm embracing this day. Every year, friends and family ask what I want for my birthday.  Most...
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Real life –– at least as I live it –– is not as dramatic as a good story.  Every morning, I shuffle into the kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee, read the paper, and then embark on a day filled with extraordinary . . .  routine.  On days when I'm writing, usually the only two characters in the...