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In the past couple of months two, count 'em, two of our major appliances have conked out on us. And our water heater. Now that's a pretty hefty outlay of money, I think you'll agree. We're your typical, middle class family, making ends meet, barely, and there usually isn't much room for...
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             “MORTAL DANGER – MILITARY ZONE," announced a garish red and yellow sign.  "Any Person Who Passes or Damages the Fence ENDANGERS HIS LIFE.”             Like a...
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“There’s no work for us,” Ali said, “because we’re old.”  The sound of the Bulgarian words was familiar to my ears by now.  My friend L. was translating.  Ali and his wife C. were only in their fifties, but considered themselves old – and, to be honest, their hard lives had aged them...
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This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald  image via sc.edu   Fitzgerald’s first novel, This Side of Paradise was given a tentative thumbs-down by the literati of the day, most not understanding what Fitzgerald was trying to accomplish. And even today it’s not a...
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This is actually good news. I'd hate to see the Chinese version of factory-style capitalism go the route of nineteenth-century England and U.S. versions. Of course, the most immediate concern of us selfish western consumers is whether or not the price of Apple's gadgets will rise with the rising...
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I have read numerous interpretations of Kafka's works by those who have their own axes to grind. This is indicatave of how great Kafka's observations are - they can be seen in many a slant. However, I think Kafka was not interested in whatever fuel - Capitalism/Socialism/Fascism - fed the machine....
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Do we dare to ask this question? Do we dare to answer this question? What is a Business? If we do, we might find the beginning and the end of our fiscal troubles: we might gradually get to a permanently balanced budget. The business of America is business, it has famously been said.  That...
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            What is it about the Occupy Wall Street movement?  How has a series of formless, anarchic street parties gone viral and spread all over America, all over the world?  They don’t seem to have a plan, nobody knows exactly...
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I am baffled by this outpouring of love and emotion for Steve Jobs. The make-shift shrines at Apple Stores, the flowers on the lawn in Cupertino, the touching tributes on Facebook - I get it, but I don't get it. Did we really love this man? Or is it something else we love? What Steve Jobs...
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Hello Red Roomers, For your enjoyment this Easter I submit a story about God's harried and disenchanted personal assistant. Follow the link here to YouTube to hear the story as read aloud by me at the recent launch of my new book of short stories in Toronto.  Take care, Hal Niedzviecki!