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When I was in my twenties, my then poet mentor Clayton Eshelman told me that the best poets cannibalize themselves. I was repulsed and thought I knew better. Why would one want to do such a thing? What he meant of course, is that we need to be strict with ourselves, and fierce in our work, to be...
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One of my favorite ways to study Japanese is to eavesdrop. My Japanese Facebook friends often chat in Japanese with the people they know, which gives me a wonderful opportunity to read colloquial Japanese in short, manageable bursts, especially if the starting point is easy enough to understand....
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     If you are a member of a writer's family, you will be written about!  Sometimes, if you are parents, the writer may wait politely until you are dead.  But if you are a sibling or offspring, all bets are off!       "Good poets cannibalize...
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Everything young adult novelist Sean Beaudoin writes is cutting-edge, fast-moving, and fun. If you haven’t read his first three books (Going Nowhere Faster; Fade to Blue; and You Killed Wesley Payne) you’ll probably want to after you devour his newest book, The Infects...
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National Geographic recently broadcast a documentary, “Russia’s Toughest Prisons,” featuring three prisons: Prison Camp 17 in Siberia where the temps reach 50 below and it takes three days for visitors to reach the camp; Vladimir Central, where Stalin’s son was imprisoned; and the prison I found...
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Two suited guys at a candle-light dinner nibbling on each other’s flesh for a television show does not denote cannibalism. If placed in a larger landscape, it could be seen as a microcosmic interpretation of contemporary socio-political mores. The ‘noble savage’ transported into an...
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At long last, the paperback edition is out in the US. This is after extensive editing, two proofreads (one after the paperback proof was out), moving house, tearing hair out, etc.