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Alice Herz-Sommer has had a remarkable life and, at 108, might squeeze out a few more years. Of course I am interested in anyone alive who actually conversed with Kafka, but her life and accomplishments are astounding. Alice Herz-Sommer (photo Polly Hancock) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Herz-...
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  The Lucky Baseball is a highly entertaining and educational novel about a young Japanese-American boy whose dream is to become a famous baseball player. Set during the time of the war between the US and Japan, the book teaches about that dark era of our time while providing young...
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Tomorrow the writers in my class start teaching in the refugee camps. The participants are teenaged girls between 14-16. The hope is that a creative writing workshop will contribute to their sense of self and give them power and some inspiration. The writer/teachers are prepared with writing...