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Just for fun, and to give my creativity a little boost, I decided to create some "dream" headlines. I dislike reading the newspaper or watching TV news because almost every story is bad news or a negative take on an event or some new study. Here are a few of the headlines I would like to see:...
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by Alan Huffman and Michael RejebianReviewed by Geri Spieler | Released: January 24, 2012Publisher: William Morrow Trade Paperbacks (208 pages) “There is humor and personality in every paragraph of We’re with Nobody. The writing is intelligent, detailed, and intimate....
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      THE POLITICS OF THE MUSE AND THE LIGHT THAT NEVER DIES     In my recent GRITS.com interview with Marlive Harris and Luther E. Vann, I mentioned two poems in connection to presidential candidate Barack Obama. One was Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels and the other was this poem,...
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The following is the first in a three-part series of celebrated blogs on the 2008 presidential campaign.    Why I Cried When Barack Obama Received the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States    The writer Victor Sejour, who counted the great French author Alexandre Dumas among...