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Recently, I wanted to upgrade my 8 megapixel point-&-shoot, a Sony Cybershot which I loved (it had a large touch screen and was very compact, especially amazing since it originally came out in 2005).  But when I saw Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FX150, 14.7 megapixel compact camera about the same size...
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Well, I have landed safely in Red Room. I uploaded one short story from a Ficlet I wrote about a year ago. I have yet to get those crummy HTML tags to go away, but I'm working on it. I have many stories to upload, soon. In other news, I just got a hair cut but can't get a good pic of myself. Either...
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When Nikon introduced the D3 and D300 cameras last November I got one of each. The D2xs and D200 cameras I’d been using were now surplus. I’ve gone through this cycle quite a few times as Nikon has introduced new models. First there was the D1, then the D1x, the D2h, the D2x, the D200, and then the...