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It's remarkable how fresh personal memories can be when they are part of a collective national tragedy.  What I recall and what I can speak about today is just my tiny straw sitting atop the haystack of newspaper and magazine articles that were printed in 1963, dozens if not hundreds of...
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I was alive when it happened, fifteen months old, actually.  What did that toddler do on the day the president was assassinated? No idea. Don't remember anything. I'm gonna guess there were lots of hushed phone calls and crying behind closed doors while I watched Tennessee Tuxedo sitting cross...
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Do you remember the Age of Camelot?   It was somewhere in the nineteen sixties and extended into the early seventies.  It was marked by a belief that we can, with will and a willingness to work together, solve the world's problems and make it a better place for all life.  Americans...
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Good question. When I hear news stories about John F. Kennedy and his family, they are often referred to as "Camelot". But "Camelot" is taken from Arthurian legend. King Arthur's legendary palace is named "Camelot" and was placed in Southwest England. Camelot is where King Arthur held court and had...
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The Round Table is the table where King Arthur and his knights sat. The table was circular so that all in attendance were considered equal. The circular nature of it made it so none claimed precedence.   Suellen Ocean is the author of The Celtic Prince available at Amazon and B&N.
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Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy is due out next week. The work comes from a series of  interviews made by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.,  and were strictly sealed after they were conducted. Based on what literary critics are saying…...
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    It was 50 years ago when a new generation received the peaceful torch of transitional power in this nation. John Fitzgerald Kennedy became President after taking the oath of office, and then delivered a 14-minute Inaugural Address. It was the fourth shortest address, but considered one of...
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The Man Who Should Be President In memoriam: Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Feb. 22, 1932 – Aug. 25, 2009 "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die." --- speech conceding the 1980 Democratic...
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                On the east coast facing east - On a west coast facing west -  It is not ocean that separates where nothing can happen but disclosure, transition, in flight or afloat, the bridging of gaps by the famished and fugitive from...
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My second novel, "Don't Mess With Earth" is now available for purchase. Can be found here: Amazon or here: Barnes and Noble. Here is a quick summary:   Advanced humans, calling themselves Terrans, leave a highly corrupt and mostly primitive Earth to search out a new planet to inhabit...