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Yo. Been home over a week now and could not be less interested in working. At my job, I mean. Luckily, being self-employed with dedicated contractors carrying out my evil bidding gives me some leeway in re-entering the stratosphere.  There is nothing about paperwork, sample research and...
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Have you ever noticed that when you're with a crowd of people, there is always one person who is a take-charge-lets-get-it-done kind of person? I don't mean this in a negative way because it's nice there's someone willing to take the helm when the Captain is away; who has the initiative and...
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN Seems like only yesterday my site and the online community around the Expat Harem anthology were"hothouse flowers blooming behind closed doors". Now expat+HAREM, the global niche is celebrating a full year of camaraderie among cultural creatives, globally mobile...
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Suncoast Writers' Guild of Englewood   Posted on June 8, 2010 at 10:18 PM   I have spent most of my writing career in solitude barring the occasional post to a writers' forum or the mandatory promotional events.  Saturday, I had a taste of what I've been missing in not...
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Conncecting with the past seems to be a common theme among my contemporaries.  Those who are writing books and short stories are often telling about their youthful experiences with all the pain of a disfunctional childhood or the sugary memories of youth in the paradise of simpler times. I'm not...