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When artist Kazuo Ishii posted his latest painting on Facebook, it blew me away on several levels: Image Credit: Kazuo Ishii In case you struggle just as much as I do to read kanji calligraphy, here's what it says on the left of Ishii's artwork: 平成二十五年於以色列 義同Heisei 25 years in Israel 平成 (へいせい:...
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As you may have noticed, Joy o' Kanji was on vacation last week. To celebrate my birthday, my husband, dogs, and I spent five blissful days near the white-sand beaches of Los Angeles, taking walks under palm trees and fantasizing about living in that paradise. (Those thoughts disappeared whenever...
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A beautiful restaurant in Berkeley has been driving me crazy. Every time I walk by this izakaya (居酒屋, いざかや: bar, pub), I see three panels filled with gorgeous kanji. I can never make out what they are, and I inevitably fail to have a camera on me. Photo Credit: Eve Kushner That changed this week,...
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  “Excuse me” a young voice said from my side “would you mind if I asked where you are from?”  I turned around and saw and old man. I looked for the source of the young voice and was puzzled. The man smiled and then I realized he was the owner of the young voice. “Me-goo-ah” I answered in...
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  Because I've shown before some Kana-Shodo and Arabian Shodo art pieces, I've been hoping to see an alphabet calligraphy exhibit.  It was my plain luck that Yokohama Asahi Culture school had one before I left for the U.S.   The photo quality is not good, I'm sorry, but I'm excited...
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Our local library is jumping this summer with creative ideas for activities and reading.  Besides their summer reading program for both kids and adults, they have been running all sorts of activities.  Activities that include a short story writing contest for kids between the ages of 13 and 18 (7th...