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Sometimes, the Kroger brain intercedes and sends product for the floral department that Amanda did not order. These investment plants lie around eating valuable table space for weeks. We look at them and sigh; we fist-bump when one sells. This week, Amanda zapped a “sunrise cactus” with The Gun. We...
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  “To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” Mahatma Gandhi   Aside from celebrating Valentine’s Day, February may be the least favorite month of the year for gardeners who live in the continental United States. It is wet, dark, dreary, and not very conducive to...
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My work in progress has a scene where the hero is escaping across a desert with a group of acquaintances, so as I take my daily walk I try to see what he would see, such as a ghost moon and a ghost sun. Unless he has sharp eyes, he might miss much of the color -- the flowers are so tiny it's hard...
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  I look out my kitchen window just in time to watch a cactus wren fly toward a small saguaro cactus and then land on it, quite safely. It always amazes me to see this, and I wonder, every time, how does the bird know how to land without getting hurt? Without thinking it, this line is in my...