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A Trace of Smoke, by Rebecca Cantrell   During the two years of my MLA studies, I grew into a fascination with the emergence of Germany’s Third Reich – how it happened and why. Since, I’ve looked, beyond historical texts, to fiction relating to the years between the World Wars in Germany, and to...
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I'll swear it was a touch of the pathetic fallacy that had a gale funnelling around The Lanes and sunlight glistening off the pale sugarloaf terraces, when I caught up with Lynn Ruth Miller last Friday at the 2009 Brighton Festival. And I do mean 'caught up'. You can doubtless hear how out of...
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If you love gaudy, bawdy musicals, if you thrill to high energy glitz with amazing chorus lines that dazzle, and if you adore San Francisco, in all of its grime and glory, you owe it to yourself to see this exciting, edgy show that ridicules all the things that drive us wild:  the filthy pan...