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Buzz Aldrin | Buzz Aldrin

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Before I begin, Peepy insisted I tell you her big news. That's right! She now has her own Facebook Fan Page. Sigh. She's always been something of a diva, so we'll just have to see how this goes. In other news, some of you know, I am something of a space geek. I taught myself...
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Who would have thought that Neil Armstrong’s death would take us back to semantics? The eleven words he uttered are not merely historic. They convey evolution. It is almost Darwinesque. And like Darwin, this was challenged. Not for the words alone, although they added to the controversy....
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40 years. That's a long time in my book, considering I wasn't yet alive 40 years ago. So, I could sit here and paint a picture of what it was like back in 1969, listening to the Mets make their championship run on the radio, enjoying the sounds of The Beatles in the background, letting my children...
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That's right--once again thanks to my wife's know-how, our short film tribute to the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing is now up on YouTube and available for viewing.  Have a look here...or pop over to my blog (and catch up on my latest hijinks).  Remember to raise a glass to Neil and the boys on July...