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buying a house | buying a house

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Recently, I received an e-mail from one of my best friends, who has just purchased his first house.  It occurred to me, while reading it, that there are some striking similarities between what he’s going through right now and my own experience as I work—like the proverbial dog, may I add— on...
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Buying a house is not for the weak of mind or spirit--or, it is.  It's great for a zombie, I think, not that I really know what a zombie is.  What about this--buying a house is great for those who don't really care.  the detached, the Zen-like, the fully evolved.  Those who can remain detached...
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I do not like the marketplace, the haggle, the barter, the trade.  I do not like offering you less for what you want, even if I think what you have sucks.  I do not like seeing what you have, liking it, and then trying to get it at a discount.  I will not ask you for twenty-five percent off.  I...
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Michael and I decided to move into together over a year ago.  At that time, neither of us had divested ourselves of the houses we had with our soon-to-be former spouses.  I was about to, though the upshot of that wasn't going to be buying me a pad in Piedmont or, say, El Cerrito any time soon. ...