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Monarch butterflies nest in tree canopies. Due to the massive logging of forests, those tree canopies are disappearing and so are millions of Monarch butterflies. I saw less than ten last year. A Monarch is a big, golden brown butterfly with black and white marks on its wings. They love milkweed,...
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Velvet black, vivd yellow, your dress is exquisitely made. Painted lady, you grace us with your gentle presence, as you make your way around the garden, fluttering about as you delicately greet each blossom. © annettealaine-2013
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    It's a question no one's been asking, but here goes. So for the last… well, a long time. In February, 2011, after finishing the first draft of a novel entitled "Rudyard Kipling's Chair" which is still sitting in a desk drawer somewhere, unwieldy and cumbersome and full of far too many...
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Butterflies and Bees? Yeah, I'll go to bat for them. This year, I've noticed we have Bumble Bees but few Honeybees and almost no Butterflies. 50,000 Bumble Bees were poisoned in June in Oregon after an insecticide was sprayed on trees to control aphids, because of stickiness they cause to parked...
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July 19       Rings of Color against Butterflies       Resistance I can accomplish directly; impedance requires magnetism from an alternating world.  I can drag my heels and live life in a sandpaper shack making everything a chore, but what it takes to throw...
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  I spent two summers in the Appalachian mountains in the late '70's. The first year, I sold passes to the tourists who drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Skyline Drive, where I greeted them from the tiny ranger station at the southern entrance. The second summer, I tooled around on a...
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  July 19   THE WATER YOU DRINK     “Anyone who has to be dragged to water doesn’t deserve a drink,” said my sponsor. “What about raising the bottom?” I questioned. “I’m not talking about that.  I am discussing people you try to convince into recovery.  The folks you...
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Have you seen the cover of Neiman Marcus’ 2011 Christmas book? Fashionable butterflies invite the reader to open the pages of the newly unveiled book and view the luxurious and quite costly items within. I was struck by the attractiveness of the cover as butterflies are beautifully colored flying...
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In the mid-eighties, I flew to London to attend a friend's wedding. This was my first foreign-land trip alone, having been through a divorce several years earlier. The morning after the wedding, I checked out of the hotel and picked up a rental car. (When asked by incredulous friends if I...
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In five minutes of my time, I head for the “inbetween”.   I have been busy with the boys over the holidays and not much time for me, even though I promised I would make more time.     Relax into a lovely bath, lift up from the physical and walk up the path in my world.  I hug my tree on the way...