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Every now and then, I like to feel connected to writing and real writers, so I subscribe to one of those writing magazines. Makes me feel I’m doing something positive towards my efforts to write, and you never know I might read an article that shows me how to write brilliantly, get published,...
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whatever augur gentleman bukowski's poesy inflicted upon the Promethean design, it will truly only begat a rejected glance from the portent-blacksmith himself; whatever truck-stop john, down-the-wrought-iron-girded-stairwell he has ascended into and found a spot a the bar that digests the perfect...
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For six months bartender Mike Zimmerman has been bringing together a small collective of Charles Bukowski enthuisiasts to read select poems at the Frolic Room in Hollywood, right next door to the Pantages theater, and right across the street from that celebrity party hangout, the W hotel. This...
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009Originally published on Author Bites Sean Beaudoin was awesome enough to come back to Bites and ramble even awesomelier (get an English degree, then you can create cool words like me) on book banning for Ban This! Listen to what he has to say. Aside from being witty and...
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Santa Monica poet and mother to Marina Bukowski, Charles Bukowski's only child, Frances Dean Smith (FrancEyE) died a couple of weeks ago at age 87.  She was popularized by Bukowski as "Old Snaggle-Tooth" in at least one of his poems.
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Late May sees the arrival in LA of the BookExpo America publishing industry convention, and if you're a Bukowski fan, you'll want to attend. That's because only BEA badge holders who get on Esotouric's HAUNTS OF A DIRTY OLD MAN:CHARLES BUKOWSKI'S LA tour (departing from Arnie Morton's Steakhouse...