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You might expect me to cringe at the idea of my books hitting a used bookstore.  When copies move from the shelves of second-hand stores, I won’t see a dime, after all.  You might even expect me to cringe a bit at the idea of my books being housed in a library, where a single copy can be...
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As we near the halfway point of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), I thought I would look back and track both the readership and popularity of my blog posts.  It’s not like I have a following to rival an Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, or even an average teenager on Facebook, but the last few...
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Last month I had a book release event at the Lakewood Public Library near Cleveland. I told the people gathered that, as an author, it's rewarding to find my novels on the shelf of such a fine library. I then added the corollary, there's nothing more depressing than going to a fine library where my...