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Building An Author Platform | Building An Author Platform

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GlobalNiche.net's gift to help you build your online presence your way: a 45-minute video workshop of solid basics for beginners & fresh perspective for intermediates "Before I watched this video workshop I felt I couldn't catch up.Tara's personable style and the way she...
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Yes, well all right. I know it's been a teeny bit longer than I said it would but I have WORK to do. You know. Writing. The thing that's supposed to be my job. And this author platform thing is tricky. Takes time and energy (did I already say that?). So about that technological spider's web you...
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Building an Author Platform You must present a strong author platform to get the attention from an agent, editor, or publisher. In the query letter, they are wanting to read who you are, where you're established in the writing world, and what you're planning to do to market and promote yourself...