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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3eQmzw6n3k I believe this sums up what America is doing this 9/11 anniversary. We bow...we nod to the memory; we pray for the victims' families; we salute those who still care; and we stand with those who still fight for our freedom.  
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Budweiser is running a summer sales promotion in Ireland. You download an app and every time the temperature reaches 20 degrees C, you are entitled to a free pint. The company has obviously done its research – loads of positive  publicity, without the slightest risk of having to give away any beer...
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  He liked a bit of powder, James Bond, benzedrine was his choice of sniff. Raking up the buzz in the early novels, trying not to be over confident on a combo of bennys and champage, when executing the plan for Queen and Country. Bond's success is really the product of a drunken glory, a...
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Last Summer, InBev bought Budweiser in a $52 billion dollar takeover to globalize Budweiser and Bud Light, while expanding distribution in the U.S. of its premium beers, most notably Stella and Beck’s. The question is will this deal go ‘Stella’ or ‘Brahma’?  Stella Artois was famously refashioned...