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i've been turning in 6-8,000 finished words a week since july  the Day i turned in my final chapter, i couldn't just stop and stare at a wall all day so my momentum took me downtown where i immersed myself in the beginning of what proved to be a fascinating conference, happiness & its causes...
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The notion of practice is a funny combination of the mundane and the transcendent. Disciplined meditation practice leads over time to a level of skill that supports the development of wisdom, or insight into what Buddhists call emptiness, the interconnectedness of everything. And long practice of...
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Let us sit together, my friends,I have a great desire to tell youOf Normality many a man pretends,And the lie they think is true. We all heard of the straight path to conveyTo God, to happiness, to perfectionThe line which abruptly, in the most awkward way,walks a man from nothingness to...
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review of "Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea" (Charles Seife, 2000) Here's a curious occurence.  "The Indian name for zero is sunya, meaning "empty," which the Arabs turned into sifr.  When some Western scholars described the new number to their colleagues, they...
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The existential "alphabet" of Being begins not with the letter A, but with the verb "to Be," which in its turn takes root from the so-called "B-root," the Proto-Indo-European language base of the verb "to be." The "B-root" (bheu or bhu) - from which...
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Men, drunk, in unfinished basements.Models, entertaining, in furnished lofts. Absence and pretense:a future so cliché it’s already past tense... Except for a blade of grass,swaying in the wind,that simplystands.
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Point 1 What exists? Does yesterday exist now? Does tomorrow exist now? Of course, not. Our thoughts of yesterday may exist now if we are now thinking of yesterday. Our thoughts of tomorrow may exist now if we are now thinking of tomorrow. But neither yesterday nor tomorrow exists. What...
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"Once I, Zhuang Zhou, dreamt that I was a butterfly fluttering about happily. I did not know that I was Zhou. Suddenly, I awoke, and there I was, Zhou again. I did not know whether it was Zhou dreaming that he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that it was Zhou" (Zhuangzi). Are you...
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There's thinking... and there's thinking about thinking as a stream of thoughts... Think about it... Here goes a thought... Here goes another... And so it goes... On and on and on... Consciousness has been compared to a river: like a river, mind flows, from one thought to another, incessantly,...
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Awakening Right Speech with Meditation and Writing in My Sangha Community, an excerpt from That Which Awakens Me by Ananda Leeke (iUniverse, Inc. - Winter 2009) Copyright 2008 by Madelyn C. Leeke Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means community with a common purpose. It gives us an opportunity to...