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This week, I interview Terrance Gelenter, who's earned the nickname "Mr. Paris" with his inside knowledge and outgoing charm.  For Paris Writers News   Terrance's first book, From Bagels to Brioches: Paris Par Hasard, is coming out this month.      LZ : What brought you to Paris...
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I AM HELD HOSTAGE BY THE MOB/ARTIE'S AMAZING STORY One shiny suit takes my car keys. The other pokes me with a hairy finger. "Go." They walk me down a dark, narrow ramp, bumping me back and forth between them. My legs buckle, my mouth goes dry. They breathe hard like they're angry....
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 I AM HELD HOSTAGE BY THE MOB  It's 1962. Uncle Sam has been threatening me with fines and imprisonment if I don't report for my Army physical. Now he suddenly grants me a reprieve. I get a letter from the Selective Service Agency postponing my examination for sixty days. "The System rules...
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It's 1962 and the State is closing in on me. A few months after my eighteenth birthday I get a letter from the Selective Service Agency, enclosing a draft card, registering me for military service, with the command: "you must carry this on your person at all times." To me it's just a...
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I STEAL A BOOK FROM JAMES BALDWIN/Part 2 It's 1961 and I'm living in a theocracy that brutally stifles dissent--Greenwich Village. In Brooklyn, the backwater of my birth, people disagree violently-- and coexist grudgingly. But across the Brooklyn Bridge the local Bohos enforce a rigid cultic...
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In this weekend's Sunday Times (London) my Palestinian sleuth Omar Yussef is described as "one of the most beguiling of current sleuths." You can read the roundup in full at Times Online, but here's the section about my newest novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN: Set in a pulsating, multicultural...
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Since 9/11, journalists and writers have tried to understand the extremists committed to the destruction of the West and, often, that of their own societies in the Middle East. Writers have mostly done this by “going inside” the world of those extremists, giving us the inner life of suicide bombers...
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I have posted an audio piece organized around motifs of springtime and rebirth. It's called "Next Easter in Belfast." Check it out---!
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Kingsley Amis said that “a bad review may spoil your breakfast, but you shouldn’t allow it to spoil your lunch.” That’s because Kingsley, bless his vindictive old heart, was no doubt too busy ruining someone else’s. Believe me, a bad review leaves a bad taste all day long. That’s not because of any...
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Top crime fiction blog Gumshoe Review rates my new Palestinian crime novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN very highly: "Rees does an excellent job of showing the pressures on the young Palestinians and describing the microcosm of one immigrant community within the U.S. The mystery also contains plenty of...