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As a proud UCLA Bruin alumnus, I’m delighted to let the current baseball head coach offer this wonderful analysis: Jackie Robinson, who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier 67 years ago, was honored at every ballpark on Tuesday. During one celebration at MLB’s third annual Diversity...
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Overshadowed by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, Major League Baseball went on with ceremonies for the fifth Jackie Robinson Day at stadiums all over the country and north of the border in Toronto. All the teams in action were asked to wear Robinson’s number. Robinson’s debut with the Brooklyn...
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In 1941, when Brooklyn lost after Hugh Casey’s strike three/wild pitch in five games to the Yankees, Dodger fans consoled themselves with the fact that they had at least made it to the Big Dance.             But after that, there was little consolation. From 1942-46, the Dodgers lost a series of...
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Though we’re in February, Baseball’s Spring Training has begun. Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History pays homage to America’s Past Time. On Monday, a Montreal duplex housing Jackie Robinson and his bride Rachel during the Summer of 1946 will be the focus of a commemoration as part of Black History...
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   On Tuesday, October 4, 1955, I flew my important A-19 solo check flight. Being born in Brooklyn, this day was also vital, as my beloved Dodgers had a chance of winning their first World Series.    The lieutenant check pilot was satisfied with my performance and allowed me the thrill of my first...
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SOME SPANISH LINGO   Baseball's association with Latin America goes back to the turn of the century. The expanding American Empire propped up so-called "banana republics" and brought baseball to those lands, but it was the Negro Leagues that truly popularized the game south of the border...