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Recently I had the honor of introducing Doriot Anthony Dwyer at the Rochester Music Hall of Fame Awards. For 38 years Doriot played principal flute for the Boston Symphony. At the age of  90, she's still got a great sense of humor and she's still got chops, enough to perform a piece by Darius...
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RICHARD RODGERS   The following is from my book Not Fade Away (Pierian Press, 1984) The musical theater had a truly mesmerizing effect on Richard Rodgers. As a boy he was happy only when he had saved up enough money to get into a Broadway matinee. At the age of fifteen he wrote his...
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Music has always been a part of my life, from my mother's classical records,my father's dance music, and the bluegrass music my grandfather played incessantly as he sat by the window in the dining room in his house smoking and tapping his foot in time. Music has been a constant in my own life, a...
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I've had a good bit of time to think about this, off and on. Musical Theatre was an early love and the direction in which my life was headed once upon a time. I was traveling for two weeks not terribly long ago. I flew into Wichita, KS, spent the night there and then my best friend/chosen sister...