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          On the Queen’s birthday celebration in May 1896, an overloaded trolley car collapsed a bridge, killing over fifty people in British Columbia’s capital.  Victoria has a rich history beginning with the HBC, the Royal Navy, and a few gold...
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    The Next Big Thing Interview: I was tapped by Barbara Fradkin, one of Canada’s most decorated mystery novelists, to join this blog tag. Check out her entry at www.typem4murder.blogspot.ca/ Scroll down to Nov. 21.   As for my answers, 1. What is your working title of your book?...
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This is only my second post for August.  Read more
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Several years ago I was fortunate to land in the West End of downtown Vancouver BC. My apartment is fairly spacious and I have a small view of the ocean which is heavenly - but it lacks a balcony on which to grow plants. This living in a big city is a new thing for me - I’ve always been a small-...
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Not sure how. Not sure why. But we fall short of their greatness. When Peg and I spent a long weekend this summer in Vancouver, British Columbia (a place where I could easily live if I had to flee these United States), we decided that the only advantage we had over them were our curb cuts. Ours in...
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Then there's Scarlet the Parrot. Worked as editor for a commercial publishing house on Vancouver Island. I was doing penance for the poems of mine that the University found 'incomprehensible.' I was editing books on the history of logging, the history of mining, the history of trucking, etc., in...
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Boomtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, is currently one of the hottest housing markets in Canada. Baby boomers all across the country are casting their aging eyes west in their quest for a retirement haven, and the many advantages of Nanaimo, BC, are becoming known. First off, there's the mild climate...