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Someone who comments publicly on the private lives of others is usually called a gossip, or, when I was growing up, a "buttinsky".  Is it different when I am invited to do the commenting?  I hope so.  The thing is, in my Ask Isadora advice column I receive requests from the individuals...
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In my daily Manhattan world, where most of my friends and acquaintances are old style political groupies of a distinctly liberal bent, nothing gets them more riled, really riled, hyper-irritated, when I mention that I admire Sarah Palin. They fuss and fume to such an extent that I have serious...
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Just spending five minutes listening to the news today, I've realized how many lessons there are to be learned in this world. 1) If you dare to test fire missiles, produce nuclear weapons-grade materials, threaten to shoot a missile at Hawaii, and generally act like a mad man, the United States...
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  It's a holiday weekend so there's a part of my brain that tells me I shouldn't be doing the ordinary, but rather should be kicking back all weekend while in some way honoring those who fight for our country. Will writing this blog as a form of free speech work? Here on Long Island we've gotten...