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It's been my good fortune for years now to be friends with Marcus Sakey, host of the Travel Channel's Hidden City and author of several bestselling novels. The release this summer of his newest, Brilliance, gave me the opportunity to ask him some questions. 1. I have my version of how we met, but...
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August 15     The Dark Fantastic     When the tornado touches down worry ends; the anticipation is over and thought stops.  Tragedy is funny that way.  In the aftermath I find out what mattered and what didn’t; whether I have helped or injured myself trying to plan for...
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At least a hundred stories submitted in our Red Room's scandalously short story contest had moments of brilliance—a great premise, a great scene, great descriptive language, a great ending. We picked just a few of these to highlight here, but there were so many that we really enjoyed reading....
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Brilliance in Motion…Lesson Learned!Like most people my week has been incredibly hectic, soccer games, home work with my children, Author school presentations, book signings and a book festival to boot. I have witnessed some amazing things this week, things I will never forget.I often go to schools...