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As I was saying in my last post, there were times when my brother and I appeared to be in the same very painful dimension. I clearly remember swinging from a tree with a rope around my waist. A rope my brother had tied around my waist (in a slip knot, I might add) just before pushing me out of our...
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Bouncing between the corners of my squareColliding into me, and me, and me, and me,You, who taught me to be freeAnd showed me the grace of careTell me if this is a building block,If the seconds are all the sameOr this is a broken clock.."For every question there is an answer,Starts with God,...
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In the 1980s, McKinsey & Co forecast a world maket of 900,000 phones by the year 2000. Today, 900,000 handsets are sold every three days. Image Credit: The Next WebEnterprise Mobility Born Twenty-Five Years Ago It's hard to imagine but yesterday, Oct. 13, 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of the...