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      There's no law in the U.S. against making an ass of yourself. Yet. But there are always consequences (and please don't take the noose image literally, okay?).  Gilbert Gottfried aka the voice of the AFLAC duck is the latest celebrity to go down because he crossed the...
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I have a new book coming out in the UK next spring. So it’s time to start looking around to see what new web gadgets and gismos authors are expected to shell out for from their meager advances to keep their “web profile” current.It’s a new arms race. Just as the Soviets bankrupted their (morally...
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Bret Easton Ellis on eBooks: "The Royalty Rate Is Actually Going to Be the Same, If Not More"By Jason Boog on Jul 22, 2010 02:23 PMhttp://dsimple.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/royalties_full1.jpg   Via the video magic of Big Think, we asked novelist Bret Easton Ellis about digital...
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I am not an embracing fan of the novels of Bret Easton Ellis, but in this interview he points out a surprising number of acute insights about writing. I have highlighted them.   Back to Ground Zero   'MAKE FRIENDS WITH DEATH': Bret Easton Ellis By Olaf Tyaransen Friday July 23 2010...