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Gratis That last breathYou took,And this one,That one!That snorty breath!You were tryingNot to laugh.God, you makeMe cry The good tears. PAD prompt
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One day as I was driving, all of the trees seemed to come to life. The air became vibrant as the wind blew through the trees, and I could feel the energy and nature all around me, lifting me up with the wind. And, for the first time since the tragedies, I was able to take complete deep breaths,...
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To be fully aware is to accept what is, now take a deep breath and realize that you are present. From that moment harness your power, begin with gratitude and simply grow!
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  Pray in open if you don’t find time In field, on the way or in hut some times You will be heard and attended to It is almost the sincere prayer and true   We often say “He is omnipresent” Not in a blade of grass absent Look beyond the sky and down the earth You will find presence even...
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Mechthild of Magdeburg once said, "A fish cannot drown in water; a bird does not fall in air. Each creature God made must live in its own true nature." Then that's what the writers of Genesis meant, is it not? "And God breathed into human nostrils the breath of life, and humans became living beings...
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A conscious breath, what a treat of existence! But as much as I like this dessert of presence I thank my body for knowing how to breathe me without my own supervision. Consciousness likes to be on AWOL.
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A Proto-Lola Piece on Air:When Lola was just a spark in my eye, when I was living on the North Coast of California, back in the days when I was directing the MFA program at the late New College of California, I wrote this germ of a piece in response to a request by editor David Rothenberg (see post...
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Marge Piercy's first event, a reading at Temple Beth El on ritual and remembrance, was amazing!  Her work had an oracular force and grace to it, as if a larger breath had surged through her own individual breathing.  The work was incantatory, wise, sometimes funny, but mostly--large.  Her phrasing...
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In the evening the personal energy body scan takes a reverse route.  Sometimes we notice an imbalance, or blocked chakra; it helps to clear this area by visualizing cleansing light pouring in. At evening we prepare to release our body, mind, spirit to transcendental nocturnal energies.  Another...
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The Live Oaks Meeting House, where Friends gather each Sunday to sit in silence until the spirit moves them, wasn't entirely quiet, at first. The child in the pew in front of me whispered as she nuzzled against her grandmother's neck. The couple opposite me turned the pages of the books they had...