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A must for anyone interesting in firmly but kindly educating horses. Coming from the UK where catching wild horses is not common, although not unknown, the method used in this book was unfamiliar to me, however, in a very short period of time I became extremely impressed by it. The training and...
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Here's some advice Marvel Editor Jody LeHeup offered a former student of mine on how to break in to comics. Since I get asked this a lot and never have a good answer, I thought I'd cut out the idiot middle man (me) and take readers straight to the source. - First of all, it's HARD. Just so you...
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Author’s note: Chloe is an L.A.-based, 22 year old actress with a Master of Dramatic Arts degree working as a TV and movie extra -- and stripper -- while she waits to break into the Hollywood scene. What follows is the opening section of Diary of a Non-Starlet. A work of fiction, the book begins...
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So you want to know about screenwriting? First, a brief background (and of course you can read more in depth at my website, AlexandraSokoloff.com). Before I sold my first novel, THE HARROWING, I worked steadily as a screenwriter for ten years. I had a pretty typical screenwriting career, actually...
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Today's updatery: First, the phrase familiarity breeds contempt is quite true when this author is reviewing her draft. Second, today I'm reading over the manuscript and tucking in the stray threads and clipping off the frayed edges. So far, so reasonably good. Which is to say, despite my contempt,...