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A Conversation with an Early Adapter of Self-Publishing Gone Mainstream Boyd Morrison fits no easy stereotypes for a novelist. With a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University, he first worked for Lockheed and NASA on a space station and other projects. He returned to grad school to...
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  This is a story about book returns. It's also a story about the bookstore system and what's not working. You'll also hear how success can crush the self-publisher. It's not my story. I didn't go bankrupt--but I could have. What I aim to do here is tell you my experience of publishing well-...
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  The forty-billion-dollar book industry is in flux because its old business model of consignment, where bookstores can return unsold books, isn't working, according to a Time magazine article earlier this year. Consignment is great for bookstores, which are squeezed for profit, but the shipping...
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My panel proposal for this topic has been accepted at the country's largest gathering of creative writers, the AWP Convention, which will be held in Denver in April. The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) includes individual writers and most graduate and undergraduate creative...