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Money doesn't talk, it swears. ---Bob Dylan It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) By Ivan G. Goldman Estimates of how much Floyd Mayweather will earn for his Sept. 14 showdown against Canelo Alvarez are bouncing all over the place. When I saw a prediction of $90 million, I assumed it was wildly...
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Chapter 1 Anger Class Barfighters were a minority species in Cheskis’s anger management class. Rather than fight each other, most violent men find it safer and more gratifying to assault their wives and children. Class members tiptoed around the facts. Nothing was as serious as...
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The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins host Phil Naessens to discuss the movie 42, Jackie Robinson and his impact on the world of sports and culture, Tim Tebow, Floyd Mayweather and what should the Brooklyn Nets do now that their season ended well beneath expectations.   To download this...
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You may or may not be familiar with the case of ex Philadelphia fighter Anthony Fletcher. Framed more than twenty years ago for murder, he remains on death row even though the evidence proving him innocent sits in a file draw in the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office. The authorities in Pennsylvania...
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As if we didn’t have enough trouble in this sport, this Saturday will be Larry Merchant’s last broadcast as a ringside analyst for HBO. The scene will be Houston, where he’ll be calling the Nonito Donaire-Jorge Arce super bantamweight title fight.  Merchant’s departure after 35 years with the...
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On Wednesdays Phil Naessens Show Phil shares his thoughts on the state of professional boxing, who he believes will be elected into Baseball's Hall of Fame and answers several listeners Fantasy Basketball questions about Andrew Bynum, Steve Nash, Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio. To listen to the...
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On Mondays Phil Naessens Show Phil shares his thoughts concerning the tragic death of boxing legend Hector "Macho" Camacho, fills us in on what's happening with the New York Knicks, shares last weeks Fantasy Basketball results and tells us three players he thinks would help our fantasy teams and...
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I don't normally post my boxing columns here, but in this instance I thought readers who aren't fans of the sport might be interested in knowing what sort of reasoning goes into the life-and-death decisions that officials must make. This first appeared in boxinginsider.com Pat Russell understood...
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Here's a real treat for dance and boxing fans. From Omnibus
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On Monday's edition of the Phil Naessens Show Phil shares his beliefs as to why he believes Floyd Mayweather Jr won't fight Manny Pacquiao, Phil's Fantasy Baseball and Football nightmares, the New York Met's sweep of the Miami Marlins, the San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds and Washington...