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I've published two new stories in recent weeks.   "From the Truman Balcony" can be found at wlajournal.com (War, Literature, and the Arts, published by the U.S. Air Force Academy.)  This is probably the most bizarre story I've ever written and one of my broadest swipes at war, but I'm...
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 I've grown more and more interested in Roberto Bolaño's work since I read 2666. Many of his fans are applying for postumous cult status for him as a fantabulist, a magical realist, and that's all right, I suppose. But I don't think he's in the same class with the other Latin Americans...
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Not - perhaps - in person, but their spirits and their craft get twinned at the Kafka/Borges Biennale. Switching years between Prague and Buenos Aires, the literary festival presents present day artistic works from both Argentina and The Czech Republic. Kafka and Borges have had immeasurable...
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Many short stories succeed because they plunge us into the feeling and texture of another's life, showing us the dilemmas they face and their attempts to resolve them. The stories of Jorge Luis Borges are of another order altogether, at once mystical and philosophical.  He creates some memorable...
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Metafiction (see: “intertextual fiction”): self-referential fiction. A simple definition but one open to great possibilities. Think of the infinite mirror effect in that when two similar subjects are forced to reflect each other, self-commentary snowballs. For me, the pull started with Jorge...