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The original Borders was like a church to me.  It was bright inside, with a mezzanine, and crowded with tables stacked with new releases.  A wall in the center, like the bookstore’s heart, held Staff Recommendations.  Since the staff were mostly grad students, the selection was eclectic and...
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Writing recently about attending Aimee Bender’s reading made me reflect on my own readings and how I approach them. Before I started teaching, I was deathly afraid of public speaking. In grad school, when I’d have to give a presentation to my class of just eight people—people I liked and could...
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Saturday was amazing. I think the reading at Borders was the best Morbid event I've done so far: well-attended, we sold -- and signed -- a bunch of books, the bookstore advertised the reading on every level and announced it over the PA, and the readers offered the perfect range of subjects. Allegra...
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When Borders Books & Music ran into financial difficulties a little more than a year ago, what did they decide to do? This is a multiple choice question: 1) Track book preferences of different U.S. markets (as in, Florida loves romance, but Seattle loves science fiction) 2) Require their...