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Hello wonderful fellow bookworms.  I'm very excited to report that my new novel Black Cow is about to be released on February 24th.  To celebrate we've got lots of fun events.  For starters, there's a brand new video (to the left).  We've also got a bookalicious book tour...
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The short version: Five weeks. Texas. AZ. MO. non-NYC New York.   New England. Mid-Atlantic (incl NYC). Texas, Round 2. West Coast. Mid-West and down the mighty Mississippi. Miami so I can drink Cuban coffee, which I will really need by the end of November. Final event at the bookstore...
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Please follow me on http://www.booktour.com for all my signings!
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From KC: Myrtle and Jack's town turned out for The Devil's Tickets. I started last night at a reception at the Mission Hills Country Club. Then an overflow crowd of more than 300 showed up for my talk as part of the Truman Forum lecture series on the Plaza sponsored by Rainy Day Books and the KC...
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Last night I spoke at The Regency Whist Club, an elegant and historic place.  A four-story brownstone at 15 East 67th Street, immaculately kept, and more than a century old, the Regency dates as a club to 1936, the Age of Culbertson.  As members ate dinner, I spoke for about 30 minutes, telling the...
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Because a reader asked it, I'll comment on my most recent Plunder booktour. Both occasions were very well organized and quite well attended. About fourty people showed up in Budapest and about 30 in London. All aprticipants were students and scholars. Mostly in law (Budapest) while most were ...