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Sometimes writers pull from real life to write a story. I actually didn't know it, but my short story, THE BLUE GOOSE (mystericale.com)  is a real place!!! I saw it with my own eyes this past weekend. You can find more about it at the citysearch site for nashville, or just read what is written...
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Yes, I was a private eye. At the time, I admitted it with some shame. It was a way to pay the bills. Now, I remember that time in my youth with some affection. I was in my twenties, licensed to investigate in Ontario, Canada.  Like most licensed private investigators, the majority of my work...
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Lord H and I have spent a wonderful day up in London visiting The British Museum and enjoying the wonderful and sparky Hadrian exhibition. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area, but do book a ticket. However, both Lord H and I are now worried about our ear lobes - as we have the same...
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Gentle Readers, let's face it: It's scary times out there. As my Grandmother Thora Cobb would say, we're going to hell in a handbasket. So I've decided we need to cheer the heck up. We need to, as Shirley Temple said, S-M-I-L-E! We've got to beat old man depression, and we've got to do it now. Now...
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In this age of political correctness, there’s a child’s book designed to help our youngsters feel that however unusual their circumstances, they’re not unique or abnormal. If these books don’t already exist, we’ll soon come across: When Daddy Becomes Mommy: new dress up clothes for meHow To Play...
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Managed to get the first draft of the minutes from yesterday’s meeting done this morning, so I am obviously cooking on gas in one aspect of life at least. Hurrah. Only wish the same could be said of my writing, which is rather fading into obscurity at the moment. If only I could drum up some...
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The secret to Red Room's success, what makes it different from other online communities, is that it's a home created especially for writers. When you're part of a group of people who care about good writing, and who often make their livings doing it, you know the quality of what you read is going...
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John and Mary pass the cottage often. It stands _ or rather, slouches, for it is in serious disrepair _ on an overgrown wooded lot in a picturesque California town with a rich Bohemian, artistic past. The trees save the cottage from appearing a derelict, though derelict it is _ an old cypress, a...
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A lazy start to the day today, and a welcome brunch of scrambled eggs, mushroom and chicken - as made (just about acceptably - cooking not being one of my strong points) by me, hurrah. I then leapt womanfully into Sunday Suburbia mode and washed the car (well, gosh), while Lord H mended my...
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MobileNobo has agreed a sell books4mobiles.com books on their 50 websites.