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Have you noticed how quickly time is moving as we shift into the new age of consciousness? It seems like we were just celebrating the New Year and here we are days away from August… We set goals of wanting to take more time for ourselves this year and to read more about subjects that inspire,...
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  Should I really be surprised? Imagicopter is expanding in leaps and bounds. We now have a shop on CafePress.com offering hats, mugs, and buttons to promote Imagicopter. I figured it would be fun to see how that worked out. We are picking up artists as well as new writers, and events are...
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Short short poems, that is. I have to admit that I've been leery of them for years. There doesn't seem to be enough to grab my interest, not enough there to leave me pondering, not enough to call me back for repeated readings. I've never been able to muster up much interest in haiku which usually...
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Blog of the Week – Bookseller Chick http://booksellerchick.blogspot.com/2006/01/hey-joe-what-dya-know-interview-with.html Bookseller Chick Connecting readers to books, authors to readers and exploring the on and offline worlds in between. Linsey A former bookseller, ex-bookie, failed model, and one...
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Feeling more normal today (well as normal as I ever get), hurrah. Here's this morning's meditation: Meditation 174 Whenyou have played your last shot,given it everything,let loose the golden wordsthat fill you and watched themdisappear, thenthe only thing to dois hide and waitfor the end to come....
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Earlier this week I headed to the gorgeous Santa Monic Public Library . . .   My mission: to teach Point of View to teens. Here's the community room where Peepy and I team taught . . . We were greeted by Librarians Extrodinaire Erica Cuyugan and Ann Wagner, who signed Peepy in . . .  The "...
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"Hopefully, by reading Courage of Fear folks will realize that bad things don't happen to good people for no good reason; life happens to all people and everything has a purpose." Barbara Boyer
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Ah, Torchwood. What a very peculiar mix that week was. Such a rollercoaster ride and with such a deeply unsatisfying conclusion. Who would have thought that the kick-ass brilliant episode one could have led to the mixed-up confusion of episode five? Such a shame. Don't get me wrong though. I...
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David Farley's work as a travel writer has appeared in national magazines, web publications, and newspapers including the The New York Times, The Washington Post, Conde Nast Traveler, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, Playboy, National Geographic Traveler and WorldHum.com.  He has lived in some of...
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I'm pleased to say that my review of John Wray's novel, Lowboy is now up at Vulpes Libris reviews. Something of a mixed bag, to my mind - but I appreciate that even saying that, and making the suggestion I do, is going against every other single reviewer in the known universe. Ah well, I never did...