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I've done literary readings just about everywhere imaginable...the Duchess, a NYC lesbian bar, in a tent at Greenham Common's peace incampment, standing on a pool table (properly protected) for San Francisco's Litquake.  So I didn't hesitate to accept an invitation to the Hobart...
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Here are three blogs that I'm visiting this month:   Had an interview here on 9/17: http://www.kathleenkaskawrites.blogs...-firefall.html   And on 9/18 I'm guess blogging about research and why I write in English it this site: http://travelswithkaye.blogspot.com/...-h-bogran.html  ...
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As an author I encourage all and everybody to read anything they come across. This is why I praise Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey. If someone reads one thing they will be more encouraged to read another. The more they read of one type of writing, the more likely they will...
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Here is a list of successful people, and lists of the books they class as their favourites. Not one mentions Kafka, so I don't know how they ever reached success. Maybe because Kafka did not (while living) reach their level of success. But now he surpasses them all. So it goes. I don't know if I...
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I have a new free ebook available.  It's called Book Marketing 101.  It's my attempt to explain a few basic marketing concepts to authors and writers. To download a copy go to: http://strangeworldsonline.com/wp/?page_id=563
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I was browsing at my local independent bookstore, when a new title caught my eye. Peering closer, I saw that it had been written by a dog. "Wait," I said to the bookseller, "how is it that a dog can get a book published, but I can't?" "Connections," she said. Kitty corner to the title was another,...
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Are you a writer...or a wannabe? Do you have the fortitude to sit down, day after day, and do battle with your inner demons and insecurities, the voices that taunt you and sneer at your pitiful efforts? Do you have the courage to be an author who works "in defiance of all the world's muteness" (...
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It seemed she had been very quiet. Linda Ronstadt has not sung for ten years, and she is afflicted with Parkinson's disease. This today in the San Francisco Chronicle in an excellent article by Steven Winn. The good news: Tuesday Simon and Schuster will publish ``Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir,''...
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Belinda Lawrence is about to return to her home town of Melbourne to solve a new murder mystery. Familiarize yourself with a tour of Melbourne highlights; a number of locations Belinda Lawrence visits in her new mystery A WICKED DESIGN. http://beekayvic.tripod.com/id31.html      
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I'm laughing at myself at the moment.  I'm fond of multi-tasking.  I have twelve tabs open on my personal computer.  This tab, to add this post, increases it to thirteen tabs.  Of those other twelve, one is gmail and two others are tabs with Red Room posts to read.  Of the...