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No cookie cutter, dumbed down, mass marketed, by-the-numbers novels here. The new Man Booker prize winner has written a real book, tipping the scales at 832 pages of a historical tale. Yes, they are still writing - and publishing - books of thought and substance. The prize itself will...
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I like (and use) the quote: "An editor is someone who comes down the hill after the battle is over and shoots the wounded." At the moment I can not find a stable attribution, but I was certain that it was a famous editor. However - that said - we need editors before the current Apocalypse...
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    The new blog post from Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto's Weblog is officially here! http://mitziszereto.com/blog/mitzi-and-teddy-hit-montreal-eh/
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Short stories are not rivers to the novel's ocean; they are more like oceans seen from a distance. They are just meant to appear smaller. There are the same storms, the ripples, and the shores. Dip your feet in the waters and feel the chill or the warmth.  It would be unfair to state that Alice...
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A tip of the hat to my Canuck colleague, Alice Munro, for getting tapped for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Of all our Canadian writers, she deserves it most. I'm not a big fan of awards (baubles and trinkets to dazzle the proles) but the good thing about this one is that Ms. Munro worked almost...
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It's said that the beginning paragraph of a book has to be extra memorable and evocative, because you want to draw the reader into the tale. It is also as important to make the last words some sort of super summation. Here is an assortment of the last words to great books. [DE]   JOSEF K (THE...
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"France Takes Aim at Amazon to Protect Local Bookshops" was the headline two days ago in the New York Times.  Already it's impossible to buy French books on Amazon at more than the legally permitted 5% discount on French books wherever they are sold. But parliament voted a law on Thursday to...
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Can a novelist predict events or does he assume by relying on common sense? Tom Clancy's obituary pieces, while paying a tribute to his hugely popular espionage genre, have invariably mentioned his 'predictions'. He had believed so himself when he stated, “I hang my hat on getting as many things...
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Of course, I have encountered many publishers who have made the great mistake of omission. But - enough about me. Of all the these tales of short-sightedness, for some reason Harold Robbins and his novel The Carpetbaggers takes my interest. It might be rubbish to those...
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Books 2008 (Photo credit: // Denise //) I recently recommended a book to a friend, then offered to let him borrow my copy. I half expected him to refuse, not because he wasn't interested in the book but because he is a tech-savvy guy: I figured he would rather read it on an e-device. So I was...