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What's better than the Independent Author Network giving away 1 Kindle Fire for Christmas 2013? Giving away 3 Kindles, of course.  The Independent Author Network will give away 3 Kindle Fires to 3 lucky readers on December 24th:  1st Prize ~ Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"...
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And I'm glad to see that Kafka made the list. It is indeed - and literally {the true literally} - harrowing. [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Halloween reading: Joseph D'Lacey's top 10 horror books It's not only Stephen King and James Herbert, you should be afraid of Cormac McCarthy and...
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            Her little body hidden under kerchief and raincoat, the woman is arranging her treasures to tempt people who might pass: bulky socks and scarves that she has knitted, an old table lamp, several ashtrays of varying sizes and shapes,...
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I...just...can't...bring...myself...to...do...it. Write in the margins of books. Underline key passages.  I'd rather pull out my own thumbnail than "dog-ear" the top of a page to mark my spot. I get cranky with my family when I see a book lying open, its spine creased, when a slip of paper...
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  Sunrise in Central Texas   I’m a total pantser, seat of the pants writer, and I couldn’t plot  a book for the life of me. I never could write the outline before I did a paper when I was in school either. I would always write the paper and then write the obligatory outline. Why...
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These are three of the four raffle baskets I’ve prepared for the upcoming readers’ conference I’m attending! In the first, these are all my young adult books, and the mohair bear is one of my creations. In the second one, these are all Highland romance books, and one lovely Irish western romance...
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Okay, so it's really not Cupertino's fault that I decided to install the (free!) upgrade to Mavericks on my laptop Tuesday night. The night before I had a story due for my fiction workshop. A story that I hadn't finished. But yeah, I'm from New England and we tend to be frugal (my mother...
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No cookie cutter, dumbed down, mass marketed, by-the-numbers novels here. The new Man Booker prize winner has written a real book, tipping the scales at 832 pages of a historical tale. Yes, they are still writing - and publishing - books of thought and substance. The prize itself will...
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I like (and use) the quote: "An editor is someone who comes down the hill after the battle is over and shoots the wounded." At the moment I can not find a stable attribution, but I was certain that it was a famous editor. However - that said - we need editors before the current Apocalypse...
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    The new blog post from Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto's Weblog is officially here! http://mitziszereto.com/blog/mitzi-and-teddy-hit-montreal-eh/