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(Written at Caroline Leavitt's kind request, and originally posted at CarolineLeavittville.com.) So, PURE is my eighteenth book, but, in so many ways, seems like my first. A post-apocalyptic thriller, it's such a huge departure for me, as a writer. I've written literary novels, whimsical novels...
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The first thing you need to know about Julianna Baggott's extraordinary new novel Pure is about the packaging. When the arc came to me, it had a little sticker on it which said (if I'm remembering right), "Surprise inside!" I opened the book and out flew a big vivid blue butterfly! I watched...
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Jennifer Gibbons mentioned my recent Facebook thread about the lack of happy endings in LGBT film aimed at a general audience. This whole discussion came about when a Facebook friend - a somewhat well-known gay man - posted a piece of art inspired by the film version of Brokeback Mountain and...
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A profound explanation from a six-year-old: Of my 21 books, three have been adapted to the screen. Midnight Express was an Academy Award winner. Not Without My Daughter was a Sally Field drama. Freefall was a made-for-TV movie starring William Devane. None of these movies was as good as the...
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This post is the sequel to my first article for DailyFinance, "The Paltry Economics of Being a Novelist." In that piece, I describe how novelists (theoretically) profit from their books. Here, speaking as the author of Pay It Forward, which was adapted to film, I delve into what happens...