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http://scalesandotherlies.com/wordpress/ I am Vicki Gaiya. Although I am a fictional character in “Scales and Other Lies” by Rena Zayit I want you to hear my side. My life was fine until I was cyberbullied at work and I lost weight. Then everything changed.
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I hired talented author and video trailer creator Kelly Komm to create my newest trailer and it's sensational. The trailer is for my debut romantic suspense novel Lancelot's Lady, an entry in the Textnovel/Dorchester "Next Best Celler" romance contest over at http://www.Textnovel.com.To...
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“High School Musical - Across the Pond” On the day when Disney have purchased Marvel Entertainments, for $4 billion in cash and stocks. Bringing the prospects of many more films involving the more than 5,000 characters, I got to pondering over how you change a book into a film, or even get a book...
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As an author your email signature is a fantastic place to distinguish yourself and stand-out from the crowd of emails that your recipients receive. In fact, it's an excellent way to unobtrusively market your book to all your email recipients. Let's do the math about the size of this marketing...
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I'm reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and frankly, it's starting to freak me out a bit. It took me a little while to get past McCarthy's writing style which, if my blog was written that way, would look something like this: Book is creepy. Terrifying scenes. Horror-inducing. Does it give you...
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R. Dwayne Betts – “a good student from a lower-middle-class family” – carjacked a man, went to prison, and has written a book about the experience. Betts was sixteen when he committed the crime, but tried and convicted as an adult; he served eight years in Virginia prisons. He’s been out for four...
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Introduction:  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”                                                             --Maya Angelou (1928 -     )    “The most important matter in life is your relationship to the Infinite.” -- Author Unknown   You were born to walk with...
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I finally let the baby go and sent a hard copy, CD, PDF, and .doc file to the editor. A bit of relief for now. Now to get back to my day life and catch up on some domestic and school stuff. I'll get the edits back in a week or so. Then more updates and then I'll decide on how to print the book...
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This interview is from The Gypsy's Guide archives, and first appeared in December, 2008.   I was feeling a little naughty, though, and what's better than Heather's book about the naughty side of the City of Light as part of Paris Week?  Enjoy! Heather Stimmler-Hall's book, Naughty Paris: a Lady'...
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David Lebovitz makes his living doing that which many of us dream of: making desserts in Paris and writing about it.  The pastry chef has roots in San Francisco and learned his trade at Alice Waters' revolutionary restaurant, Chez Panisse.   But about seven years ago, Lebovitz sold all of his...